Such a beautiful and poetic musical metaphor in this piece!

It makes me curious: Do you play any musical instrument and what type of music do you enjoy listening to?

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Thanks, Louisa. I've played the piano since I was 7 ;-) I have a little yearning for a baby grand, but I have a Clavinova with weighted keys (and headphones) that's travelled the world with me (literally) - the most expensive piece of relocation furniture! I have an eclectic taste, founded in classical opera, musical theatre, evolved through pop, soul, R&B, gospel, francophone, french, jazz, dance, jungle, singer-songwriter....list is endless possibly because of my travels ;-)

How about you? Do you play a musical instrument?

It's quite a Substack-specific poem given the notes and thread ;-)

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Yes, I love the references to Substack themes--the notes and threads! Brilliant!

From your writing I could tell that your soul is steeped in music.

I don't play any instruments myself. But I used to "play" music with the instrument of my body. I was a ballet dancer (amateur but serious). I no longer practice but hope to take it up again one day. It was physically demanding.

Your musical taste is really broad and diverse. That's the wonderful thing about traveling, isn't it?

I have a somewhat narrow taste but diverse in an eclectic way too. I love classical music above all, jazz, Cantopop, 60s-70s singer-songwriters, some pop from the 70s-80s, Cuban, Argentinian tango, Spanish guitar, French chansons, etc. My ex-husband plays many instrucments and composed, so I got myself a musical education without actually knowing how to play and compose, lol!

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