What is Substack

Substack is where Carer Mentor is hosted. When you subscribe, an account is automatically created under your subscription email address.

Here’s a video by Simon K Jones, which provides an overview of Substack for Beginners.

Manage your subscription

You can unsubscribe to specific sections of Carer Mentor directly here:

A full explanation of what is in each section of the Carer Mentor site, my Purpose and Mission, and reasons to subscribe can be found here: About Page

If you have any login issues, contact the Substack Support team here – they can help you with any login issues.

A Word on Comments and Community

I would like to ensure that all comments are open, respectful, empathetic and supportive. If you have any concerns about a comment please flag this to me at

You’re reading this Website and articles in Substack

‘If you see anything that breaches the Substack guidelines (“Substack cannot be used to publish content or fund initiatives that incite violence based on protected classes. Offending behaviour includes credible threats of physical harm to people based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability or medical condition") please email Substack at’

As highlighted by Emma Gannon on January 30th in her newsletter ‘The Hyphen’, which I highly recommend reading.

Terms and Conditions

In addition to the Substack T&Cs, there are additional VLChin Terms and Conditions. I do not process personal information for use outside of the Substack platform. I use the information provided by subscribers to understand their preferences and interests.