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This is very useful. However, I sadly have to agree what SHOULD happen and what DOES happen in reality with regard hospital discharge, are very different. I would emphasize that one option is to get PALS involved and also mention 'Dangerous Discharge' and push upwards as in asking to speak to the Chief Executive's Secretary and complaining. I totally agree having experienced Carers 'on side' is a real help. The cold 'reality' is that hospitals need the beds and at times, it feels very little thought is given to how the Carer will cope when the patient returns home. I have to say when my husband was discharged in April, it was a total nightmare even getting through the Ward yet alone getting anyone to call me back and the information I was given, when I managed to get through was often confusing and not consistent.

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Thank you for sharing and raising awareness to others. I'm so sorry to hear you had such a hard time in April. Heartfelt empathy.

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